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Virgin Islands: Senate defeats bill to make registration by military easier

The Virgin Islands Daily News reports: A controversial bill that would allow members of the military to register to vote on the day of an election and allow nonresident citizens to vote in the territory was defeated in the Senate on Thursday because senators felt it added too much opportunity for fraud.

The bill, jointly proposed by Senate President Lorraine Berry and Sen. Norman Jn Baptiste, would allow members of the armed forces and their family members who could not register to vote on time because they were on a mission to register until Election Day. It also includes a provision allowing U.S. citizens who never lived in the territory - but have parents who are qualified voters in the territory - to vote in territorial elections.

Berry said that the bill was based on a request from the Federal Voting Assistance Program to benefit members of the military serving outside of the territory. The bill was also endorsed by the V.I. Joint Boards of Elections, she said. -- Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands Newspaper, A Pulitzer Prize Winning Newspaper, Virgin Islands Guide, Virgin Islands Info

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