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Texas: you call thousands of voters being rejected by the voter registration database a "glitch"?

The Star-Telegram reports: Dallas County Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet was panicking. The new state voter-registration database was rejecting thousands of registered voters each day because the state could not match their names with those in driver's license and Social Security records.

Each time the state turned away voters, Sherbet's office sent them a letter saying they had been rejected.

In Tarrant and Denton counties, elections administrators had another problem. The state's computer system initially required driver's license numbers. If your number began with a zero, you got kicked off the voter rolls for insufficient digits.

Those glitches have cropped up as Texas hustles to meet a federal requirement to have a statewide database designed to rid election rolls of fraudulent voters. But some are worried that the database will kick out legitimate voters. -- Star-Telegram | 05/08/2006 | Officials work on registration glitches

Does anyone test these things before they roll them out to the public?

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