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New Hampshire: Dems accused GOP of hiding large contribution

AP reports: A Democratic research group is accusing the state Republican Party of illegally accepting a $10,000 contribution from a Mississippi Indian tribe in 2002, then concealing half of it because it exceeded the $5,000 cap on contributions for federal races.

Two pro-gambling Indian tribes that were clients of convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff gave $10,000 each to the state Republican Party shortly before a close U.S. Senate race won by Republican John Sununu, records show.

The party split a $10,000 check from the Mississippi Band of Choctaws between accounts used for federal and state races. Lawyer James Merrill said there was nothing wrong with doing that and the contributions were properly disclosed.

"The party split the money half to the federal account, half to the state account, and the party reported that," Merrill said. "Nothing was hidden." -- Dems group accuses state GOP of hiding illegal donation in 2002 - Boston.com

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