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Michigan: Civil Rights Commission holds hearings on fraud in initiative petitions

The Detroit News reports: The Michigan Civil Rights Commission will hold its fourth and final hearing in Grand Rapids tonight on claims that people were duped into signing petitions demanding a statewide vote on affirmative action.

The controversial measure, which will be on the November ballot, would ban the use of race as a factor in determining university admissions and government hiring. It's a white-hot political issue in an already contentious election year.

The commission is investigating whether petition signers were misled about the nature of the ballot question by petition circulators. The commission is also hearing from petition circulators, some of whom claim they misled petition signers because they were not told the measure would ban affirmative action programs in Michigan, said Harold Core, spokesman for the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.

Turnout at the three other hearings -- held in Detroit, Lansing and Flint -- was so large that there wasn't time for every person to address the commission, he said. Another couple hundred people submitted written reports, he said. -- Group hears stories of fraud in affirmative action ballot bid - 05/22/06 - The Detroit News

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