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Colorado: initiative to term-limit judges is on the ballot

AP reports: A proposed constitutional amendment to impose 12-year term limits on judges of Colorado's two highest courts cleared a key hurdle Monday as the state Supreme Court said the ballot language is not misleading, as critics have said.

The ruling means voters will decide on the measure in November if backers gather the nearly 68,000 valid signatures of registered voters required. ...

The proposal would replace the current system of retention for justices and appeals court judges. Under existing law, they serve a provisional two-year term after they are appointed by the governor. After that, appeals court judges can stand for retention every eight years, and Supreme Court justices can stand for retention every 10 years. Retention questions are presented to voters on the general election ballot.

Opponents argued the proposal's language was misleading because it failed to fully explain certain provisions, including that term limits would be applied to current justices and appeals court judges, converting their terms to four years; and that it implied the initiative imposes new terms of office, not that it changes existing terms. -- cbs4denver.com - Court Upholds Language In Term-Limits Initiative

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