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Montana: deception charged on ballot petitions

The Helena Independent Record reports: A number of voters in Helena say signature gatherers trying to get a measure on the November ballot have tried to dupe them into signing two other ballot petitions.

Political Practices Commissioner Gordon Higgins said his office has spoken to several voters who complained about the signature-gatherers' methods, and the secretary of state's office also has received complaints.

But Trevis Butcher, campaign coordinator for a group pushing all three measures, said he thinks the complaints are unfounded. He said he contacted the signature-gathering coordinator in Helena and was assured that no deceptive practices are being used. ...

Helena resident Libbi Lovshin told Lee Newspapers that when she agreed to sign a property rights ballot measure petition Thursday outside a grocery store, the signature-gatherer said the measure required three separate signings.

But when Lovshin looked closely at the other documents she was told to sign, she saw they were separate petitions for two ballot measures she did not support: One to cap state spending and another to make it easier to recall judges. -- IR // News // Signature gatherers accused of deception

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