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Ohio: Blackwell's voter registration rules criticized

The Columbus Dispatch reports: Critics of Ohio’s new election law say Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell has implemented rules that make it more difficult to register voters than the law itself does.

At a hearing yesterday, some said Blackwell’s rules would shut down voter-registration efforts in Ohio that use paid workers. Afterward, state Democrats said the rules were reminiscent of Blackwell’s 2004 edict that the paper for registration forms had to be a certain weight. ...

Peg Rosenfield, elections specialist for the League of Women Voters, said she fears that the league and other voter-registration groups would have to abandon their efforts in Ohio.

"The combination of ambiguity and the restrictions — we don’t know what to tell people," Rosenfield said. "The bill is restrictive but (the rules) are more restrictive than the bill." --
New election rules draw fire

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