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Alabama: Fake group ran ad for conservative candidates in GOP primary

The Birmingham News reports: A Birmingham man is asking the state attorney general and Jefferson County district attorney's offices to investigate who was behind what he says is a fraudulent ad linking Rep. Jim Carns to Roy Moore and several controversial Supreme Court candidates.

Orrin R. Ford, a lawyer from Mountain Brook, mailed certified letters Friday to Alabama Attorney General Troy King and Jefferson County District Attorney David Barber. He contends the ad, which ran May 31 in The Birmingham News, violates the state's fair campaign practices law.

Specifically, Ford claims the ad lists a fictitious political action committee as having paid for it. Ford said the fictitious PAC - the Assembly of Republicans - also used a fictitious address, all without the knowledge or consent of the candidates mentioned in the ad and in violation of the anti-fraud provisions of state law. ...

The fictitious PAC name is similar to the real Alabama Republican Assembly, a PAC that bills itself as "the Republican wing of the Republican party." It in fact endorsed Moore, Brooks, Parker, Zeigler and Carns in their separate races. -- Officials asked to study ad with Carns, Moore

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