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Colorado: Holtzman on the GOP primary ballot -- for now

The Denver Post reports: A Denver District Court judge Friday ordered the secretary of state's office to put gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman on the Republican primary ballot. ...

However, whether Holtzman has enough valid signatures to legally stay on the Aug. 8 ballot will not be decided for at least 10 days. If he doesn't, his name will still appear on the ballot but votes cast for him won't be counted.

Judge R. Michael Mullins said it was in the public interest for Holtzman to be put on the ballot Friday, which was the legal deadline for the secretary of state to certify the ballot. Under those tight state-mandated deadlines for certification and printing, Holtzman's name might not be able to be added to the ballot if it's later found he did collect sufficient signatures.

"What's at risk here is if Mr. Holtzman is successful on his challenge ... then he doesn't have a remedy if he is not allowed on the ballot, which in effect denies his access to the ballot," the judge said. -- DenverPost.com - Holtzman put on ballot

Hat tip to Taegan D. Goddard's Political Wire.

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