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Alabama: federal PAC transfers money to state PAC, but state PAC discloses money is from companies

The Birmingham News reports: An Alabama political action committee that contributed nearly all of its money to Attorney General Troy King's campaign lists 20 companies and organizations as its donors, but that is not precisely where the money came from.

Internal documents rarely seen in the world of campaign finance show the 20 companies and organizations gave the money to a related federal political organization, and they didn't learn until later that their money had been routed to Alabama.

It's all perfectly legal, operators of the federal political group say. But it also shows how difficult it can be to identify the true source of a candidate's contributions. In this case, by identifying 20 donors as the source of the Alabama money but not identifying the federal committee that handled the contributions, hundreds of other companies that also gave to the federal committee were obscured.

Alabama election reports clearly state that 20 companies and organizations gave $101,750 to the Republican State Leadership Committee's Alabama PAC in 2005 and 2006. But the documents show the checks were written to the parent federal group - the Republican State Leadership Committee - not the Alabama PAC. The Alabama PAC gave King's campaign account two $50,000 checks, in August and February. -- National PAC routes funds to AG King

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