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Alabama: prosecutors ask judge to reconsider on instruction to Siegelman jury

The Birmingham News reports: Prosecutors in the government corruption trial of former Gov. Don Siegelman have asked a federal judge to change the answer he gave jurors last week about campaign contributions and bribes.

As jurors concluded their fourth day of deliberations without coming to a verdict, prosecutors remained concerned about the instructions U.S. Chief District Judge Mark Fuller gave in response to jurors' question.

According to defense lawyers, prosecutors filed a sealed motion Monday asking Fuller to tell jurors that, in regard to a bribery charge against Siegelman, it doesn't matter whether he received personal financial benefit from campaign contributions arranged by HealthSouth founder Richard Scrushy. -- Prosecution still concerned at jury instructions

My comment: Members of Congress had better pay attention to this issue. If prosecutors can get the jury to consider a payment to a PAC for a referendum issue as a "thing of value" to a politician who is the chief sponsor of the referendum, how much easier it will be to argue that a contribution to a campaign committee is a thing of value to the politician.

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