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Georgia: some poll workers asked for photo I.D., despite court orders

The Macon Telegraph reports: Some Bibb County poll workers did not seem to know that Georgia's new voter ID law was not in place for Tuesday's primary.

The Telegraph observed workers at several polling places refusing one of the 17 approved forms of identification unless accompanied by a photo ID or telling would-be voters that a picture ID was required.

Originally, Tuesday's primary was to have been the first election to require a photo ID for voting. But last week, a U.S. District Court judge blocked the state from enforcing the law after civil rights groups challenged it in court, arguing that it discriminated against poor, elderly and rural voters. -- Macon Telegraph | 07/19/2006 | Not all Bibb workers knew photo ID not required



This points out the one shortcoming of 11th hour court orders in elections. I am quite sure that the new photo ID requirements had been hammered home in poll worker training, only to be overturned by the courts. Much as we would like to delude ourselves that rank and file poll workers hang on every word of our courts, they simply do not. And if they don't read everything that comes in the election day packet, the word will not get out completely.

I wish courts would act much earlier in election cycles, but I guess we don't always get what we wish for.

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