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Florida: how to turn $50 into $5000 in fines and penalties

The Orlando Sentinel reports: It started small, like most troubles do.

A mundane $50 late fee back in the 2000 election has festered in years of disregarded registered letters, escalating fines and unpaid default judgments by both the Florida Elections Commission and a Leon County court. ...

And on the eve of the day state Rep. Bruce Antone, D-Orlando, intends to file for a seat on one of the most powerful county governments in the state, it's come to light that he has flouted election laws and owes the state more than $5,000, official records show.

A final judgment was issued in March 2003 after the Elections Commission was forced to take Antone to Leon County Circuit Court for his failure to pay up, appeal its rulings -- or even respond other than signing the receipt for the certified mail. -- Rep. Antone on debt: 'If I owe, I'll pay' - Orlando Sentinel : Orange County News

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