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Alabama: Gov. Riley may be appointed to run the voter registration program

AP reports: Gov. Bob Riley likely will get appointed by a federal judge to implement Alabama's new voter registration computer system after Secretary of State Nancy Worley missed the deadline for getting the job done.

The U.S. Justice Department, which sued Worley over not completing the job, and state Attorney General Troy King, who is required by state law to defend Worley, both recommended to a federal judge Tuesday that he appoint Riley.

Riley would be given the power of "chief election official of the state of Alabama" to implement a centralized computer system of Alabama's voter registration records, the Justice Department said in a court filing.

U.S. District Judge Keith Watkins ruled last week that he would appoint a "special master" to complete the job, which is required by the federal Help America Vote Act. The judge has scheduled a hearing Aug. 2 to discuss the appointment, but state officials expect Riley to get the task since both sides recommended him. -- montgomeryadvertiser.com :: Election job may switch to governor

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