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Alabama: Demo Party chairman objects to Governor taking over voter registration

AP reports: Development of a statewide voter registration database is getting politically charged, with the state Democratic Party chairman going to court Thursday to try to stop the Republican governor from getting appointed to take over the duty from the Democratic secretary of state.

Democratic Party Chairman Joe Turnham said moving the responsibility to Gov. Bob Riley looks like "a partisan attempt to affect the Democratic secretary of state negatively in the upcoming election, while affecting the Republican governor and other Republican candidates positively."

Riley's communications director, Jeff Emerson, said, "Governor Riley's only concern is the state be in compliance," and it's fine if a federal judge wants to appoint someone else to complete the voter database.

The Republican-led U.S Justice Department sued Secretary of State Nancy Worley in May, saying she had failed to meet a federal deadline for implementing a single statewide computerized voter registration database. Alabama received $41 million from the federal government for elections improvements, and Worley has allocated $12 million of that to a computer company and buy equipment. -- montgomeryadvertiser.com :: Turnham fights voting change

Comment: Turnham is represented by James Anderson, Shannon Holliday, and me.

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