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Alabama: Probate Judges Association opposes Democratic intervention in HAVA suit

AP reports: Alabama's probate judges have asked a federal court to keep the Alabama Democratic Party out of a lawsuit over development of a statewide voter registration database.

The filing by the Alabama Probate Judges Association said allowing the Democrats to intervene would unnecessarily inject politics into the case, which is what Democrats said Republicans were trying to do.

The latest pleading came after state Democratic Party chairman Joe Turnham filed a motion last week seeking to stop the court from naming Republican Gov. Bob Riley to take over the task of setting up the voter database. Turnham called that "a partisan attempt to affect the Democratic secretary of state negatively in the upcoming election."

Secretary of State Nancy Worley, who was sued by the U.S. Justice Department for failing to meet a federal deadline for implementing a single statewide computerized voter registration database, faces Republican Beth Chapman in the Nov. 7 general election. -- montgomeryadvertiser.com :: Judges group wants politics out election suit

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