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Washington State: voter registration law requiring exact match on names is enjoined

AP reports: A federal judge on Tuesday barred Washington state from enforcing a new law that keeps people from registering to vote if their names do not perfectly match identifying information in other government databases.

U.S. District Judge Ricardo Martinez agreed with lawyers who claimed that under the law, misspelled names or other minor errors could improperly prevent people from voting.

The law, designed to help prevent voter fraud, took effect Jan. 1. It directed Secretary of State Sam Reed to compare driver's licenses, state identification cards or Social Security numbers on registration forms with records from state and federal agencies to ensure that a voter's information matches. ...

As of June 22, 178 people had had their registrations rejected or canceled because of the law, and thousands more were trying to clear up their identities with the state. -- Judge bars state from enforcing new voter registration law

Note: The case is Washington Association of Churches et al v. Reed, CASE #: 2:06-cv-00726-RSM. The order is here.

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