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Arizona: ruling expected this week on same-sex marriage initiative

The Arizona Republic reports: A Maricopa County Superior Court judge is expected to decide next week whether a same-sex initiative can stay on the ballot.

The Arizona Together organization filed the lawsuit, saying the initiative is unconstitutional because it violates the state's "single subject" rule by asking voters to decide on two distinct issues on the ballot. ...

The initiative would define marriage as a union between one man and one woman and would prevent any legal status similar to marriage, including civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Lawyers for the Protect Marriage Arizona initiative argued Friday that the amendment addresses a single subject and both provisions "act together." ...

Arizona Together attorneys argued that in addition to prohibiting same-sex marriages, the initiative would ban civil unions and domestic partnerships throughout the state, repealing health and other benefits established in Tucson, Pima County and Phoenix and Tempe, among other places. -- Same-sex ballot ruling due soon

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