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Ohio: Not so fast, Ms. Padgett

Washington Wire (the Wall Street Journal) reports: The Jack Abramoff scandal that rocked Capitol Hill last winter claimed its second electoral victim as Ohio Republican Rep. Bob Ney announced Monday he will abandon his re-election race. But as Republicans try to hold onto the seat, questions are arising over the "sore loser" provision in Ohio election law. ...

State Sen. Joy Padgett, Ney’s hand-picked successor for his seat, could fall under a little-known provision of Ohio election law, dubbed the “sore loser” provision. It prevents a candidate who loses in one primary from running in another during the same election cycle. Earlier this year, Padgett was the primary running mate of gubernatorial hopeful James Petro, who lost to the ticket of Ken Blackwell and his running mate, Ohio State Rep. Tom Raga.

Even if Padgett succeeds in getting her name on the new primary ballot, the controversy could invite other Republicans to jump into the unexpected race. James Harris, who lost to Ney in the Republican primary in May, said he’s considering running again — although the sore loser provision may apply to him, too. -- Washington Wire » As Ney Quits, "Sore Loser: Law Crops Up

Comment: The late Thomas Phillip "Tip" O'Neill, Jr., said, "All politics is local." Still's Corollary: All election law is local.

Hat tip: Taegan Goddard's Political Wire.

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