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Alabama: Artur Davis denounces "judicial activism" in HAVA ruling

The Tuscaloosa News reports: U.S. Rep. Artur Davis accused the Justice Department Tuesday of "judicial activism" when it urged a federal district judge to appoint Gov. Bob Riley to oversee Alabama's voter registration database project.

“This is the kind of situation where the court should bend over backwards to avoid the appearance of partisan politics," Davis, D-Birmingham, said of Riley’s appointment a week ago.

The computerized database is required under the 2002 Help America Vote Act, enacted in the wake of allegations of voter fraud in the 2000 elections.

On May 1, the Justice Department sued Alabama for failing to create the statewide voter database required by law. New York and Maine, two other states that also missed the January 1 deadline, face federal lawsuits as well. -- Davis claims court decision a partisan move - Tuscaloosa

Disclosure: I am quoted in the article because of my role as attorney for Democratic Party chairman, Joe Turnham who sought to intervene in the case.

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