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Tennessee: campaign finance board wants answer from Pruitt

The Tennessean reports: A state House member from Nashville has been ordered by the state's campaign finance oversight board to appear and explain her side of the story in response to accusations that she has misused campaign money.

State Rep. Mary Pruitt has been ordered to appear at a Sept. 13 hearing before the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance. ...

The complaint alleges that Pruitt used campaign money to pay herself rent for a campaign headquarters where no electricity was used for months last year, and that she had contributed money to her campaign without properly reporting it. -- Election finance board calls on Pruitt to answer complaint - Nashville, Tennessee - Wednesday, 08/09/06 - Tennessean.com


This next session of the Legislature will determine if it is going to be 'Business as Usual' (as indicted ex-Representative Chris Newton called it as he was lead of to jail*) or if there is truly going to be a change.

A bellwether of coming reform events is how a governmental oversight board, the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance conducts the investigation into allegations of money laundering by Representative Mary Pruitt.

The next Registry meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 11, 2006, 10:30 AM, 404 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 1614, Nashville, Tennessee 37243. The meeting is open to the public.

Through her attorney, Representative Pruitt blew off the last appointment in September, an appointment demanded by the Registry through a 'show cause letter.'

What will happen if Pruitt shows at the next meeting on the eleventh? What will the Registry do if Pruitt blows off yet another of their show cause letters?

And the biggest question...

Does the watchdog have teeth?

Be there Wednesday to catch all the action! Admission is FREE!

*Wenesday, 08/31/05 Tennessean:
Newton says he got caught up in 'business as usual' on Hill

William James (Jim) Boyd
Candidate, District 58
Tn State House of Representatives

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