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Pennsylvania: Dems challenge 3 Greens for bogus names on petitions

AP reports: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party objected Tuesday to signatures collected by three Green Party candidates, including a challenger in one of the nation's most hotly contested U.S. Senate races.

The Democrats asked a court to remove the candidates from the November ballot. The candidates have said they jointly collected at least 90,000 valid signatures far more than the 67,070 needed to qualify for the ballot.

But the Democrats alleged in a Commonwealth Court filing that more than 69,000 included fake names, names of unregistered voters and illegible signatures. -- Pa. Dems target Green Party candidates - Yahoo! News


The irony about the Pennsylvania Democratic challenge is that the Green Party probably didn't even need to petition this year. The 3rd circuit heard a ballot access case on July 10 and seemed to lean toward ruling that it is unconstitutional for Pennsylvania to require qualified parties to submit 67,070 signatures. The Libertarian, Green and Constitution Parties all meet the Pa. definition of "party" since they all met the 2% vote test for one of their statewide nominees in Nov. 2004. The decision is expected any day now.

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