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Texas: GOP endorses Sekula-Gibbs as write-in

The Houston Chronicle reports: A day after Republicans endorsed her as their candidate in the 22nd Congressional District, Houston Councilwoman Shelley Sekula-Gibbs was on hand at a packed East End event Friday, sharing the limelight with political heavyweights. ...

Sekula-Gibbs may not be the lone Republican write-in candidate. Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace, who earlier said he would run as a write-in candidate even if the party endorsed someone else, is "considering his options," said Fort Bend County Republican Chairman Gary Gillen. ...

Even if Sekula-Gibbs becomes the lone write-in candidate in the 22nd District, she'll have to wage a difficult, multi-pronged campaign, said Rice University political scientist Bob Stein.

In addition to raising her own profile taking positions on issues and depicting Lampson as non-representative of the district she will have to raise voter awareness of the write-in process, he said.

Electronic ballots are used in most of the district, which includes parts of Harris, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Galveston counties.

Voting booths will display the names of write-in candidates who register before Aug. 28 and are certified by the Texas secretary of state. Voters will have to navigate to the write-in option on the electronic ballot, call up a keyboard display and spin a dial to spell out a candidates' name a letter at a time. -- Sekula-Gibbs faces big hurdles in House bid

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