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Alabama: press coverage (2) of the felon voting rights decision

The Birmingham News reports: Alabama must allow all felons to register to vote under current state law, a Jefferson County judge ruled Wednesday - a decision Secretary of State Nancy Worley said could lead to polling places in prisons.

Circuit Judge Robert Vance Jr. said any felon should be able to register and vote until the state Legislature passes a law that defines crimes of moral turpitude. No such definition exists under state law, Vance said. ...

Responding to Vance's 50-page decision, Worley said having voting stations in prisons "would be a serious problem to handle." ...

"Obviously, there is the potential for appeal," Worley said. "In the meantime, we need some clear guidance."

Suzanne Webb, a spokeswoman for the attorney general, said the office was reviewing Vance's decision. -- Ruling may allow felons to vote

Comment and disclosure: I am one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs in this case. Worley's comment about voting stations in prisons is really disappointing. I don't know if she is just being demagogic or really believes that county commissions would place polling places in prison. Any prisoner who is registered to vote may be able to request an absentee ballot.


Couldn't prisoners get absentee ballots mailed to them? They are "absent" from their domicile.

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