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Alabama: who is J. Norman Estes, and why is he making big contributions around the country?

Michael Hussey of Pushing Rope emailed me for information on J. Norman Estes and his companies. According to Hussey's post, Ronda Storms Is Very Popular In Alabama, 12 companies with the same Northport, Alabama, address have each made a $500.00 contribution to Ronda Storms, GOP candidate for Florida Senate District 10.

Some of the companies are organized in Alabama, but most are in other states. Estes' company, Northport Health Services, Inc., runs facilities in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, and Missouri. In Alabama, each facility is a separate LLC, but in the other three states, there is one LLC for the whole state.

Estes has made personal contributions to the following federal campaigns according to Political Money Line:
Ben Cardin for Senate, D- MD, $1000
Friends of Gordon Smith, R-OR, $375.00
Alabama Nursing Home Association Federal PAC, $500
Santorum 2006, R-PA, $2000
Friends of Max Baucus, D-MT, $2000
Snowe for Senate, R-ME, $2000
Jon Kyl for US Senate, R-AZ, $800
Friends of Kent Conrad, D-ND, $1400
Hatch Election Committee, R-UT, $1000
McCaskill for Missouri, D-MO, $2100

If you are interested in the influence of this one guy and his companies, take a look at Pushing Rope to get some more information on him, and then start checking your own state databases or Follow the Money to see contributions in your own state. Put your results in a comment below.

Happy hunting.

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