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Wisconsin: Green must return $468,000 in contributions

WisPolitics.com reports: The state Elections Board today ordered Mark Green to divest his campaign of any contributions from PACs that were not registered in Wisconsin when the donations were made. The order applies to an estimated $468,000 in contributions that Green converted from his federal campaign account to his state gubernatorial fund in January 2005.

The board, on a 5-2 vote, gave Green 10 days to comply with its order. It also ordered the Republican to dump any PAC donations that exceed that state limit of $485,000 for a gubernatorial campaign.

Green's 2005 conversion of $1.3 million included $511,405 in PAC contributions, and Green had raised another $156,140 from PACs by June 30, according to a tally by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. That put his campaign at $667,545 before the current reporting period began, about $182,544 over the limit.

But Green campaign manager Mark Graul insisted the PAC donations have already been spent and there was no money to return. He said the ruling will have no impact on the campaign's finances and accused Gov. Jim Doyle of engineering the vote. -- WisPolitics.com

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