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Missouri: state stops free voter I.D.s and considers appeal

The Kansas City Star reports: State officials Monday halted efforts to give voters free photo identification cards, and they killed a public information campaign saying the IDs were needed to vote in November.

Thatís because a ruling by Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan last week struck down the new law requiring voters to present state-issued photo IDs at the polls. Attorney General Jay Nixonís office has not said yet whether it is going to appeal the ruling to the Missouri Supreme Court, but Republican proponents of the law were expected to do so.

A successful appeal could reverse the situation again shortly before the Nov. 7 election, requiring the state to once more start issuing the IDs for free and restart efforts to spread the word about the law.

As of Monday, the Missouri Department of Revenue started charging $11 for the non-driverís license IDs it had been issuing for free to Missourians who want to vote in November. It also stopped sending vans to nursing homes and senior centers to issue the photo IDs to elderly voters without driverís licenses. -- Kansas City Star | 09/19/2006 | Missouri stops free ID effort

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