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Maryland: state senator switches parties despite "sore loser" law

The Washington Post reports: Two weeks after a stinging Democratic primary defeat, Maryland state Sen. John A. Giannetti Jr. announced last night that he had switched parties and would seek reelection as a Republican. ...

Giannetti's challenger, James C. Rosapepe, won about 59 percent of the vote in the Sept. 12 primary. ...

"Evidently, [Giannetti] found a loophole in the state sore-loser law,'' Rosapepe said, referring to a Maryland law that generally bars candidates who lose a primary from running again in the general election.

GOP officials said the law makes an exception when a party's nominee withdraws after the primary. John Stafford, the winner of the Republican primary in the district, stepped aside this week. -- Giannetti Switches To GOP After Loss - washingtonpost.com

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