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California: Governor uses non-profit group to skirt campaign finance laws

The Los Angeles Times reports: A tax-exempt group set up to create jobs is being used by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to bankroll a pair of splashy bill-signing events designed to attract publicity as he runs for reelection.

Unlike contributions to Schwarzenegger's campaign account, donations to the nonprofit are not subject to caps or disclosure requirements. ...

The events were meant to showcase the governor's environmental credentials at a time when he wants to maximize his appeal to independent voters.

Part of the cost is being picked up by the Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth, a nonprofit panel that Schwarzenegger launched in 2004 to lure business to California. The commission is planning to raise about $25,000 to help pay for the events, according to executive director Mark Mosher. -- Corporate Gifts Help Governor Fund Bill-Signing Ceremonies - Los Angeles Times

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