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Alabama: yet another voter guide

AP reports: The voter guide from the former Christian Coalition of Alabama won't be the only one distributed in churches before the election Nov. 7. There will be a new one that is already causing a split along party lines.

Redeem the Vote, a Montgomery-based group that registered thousands of religious voters in 2004, plans to distribute what it calls an "alternative voter guide" on races for statewide offices and the Legislature.

It will list candidates' responses to a questionnaire about issues of faith, rather than highlighting their responses to hot button issues like taxes.

"Voters of faith are tired of shrill partisanship and are weary of wedge issues. However, a voter guide that gives a real glimpse into the heart and decision-making process of a candidate is a truer and fairer measurement of a candidate's moral position," the founder, Dr. Randy Brinson, said. -- Faith-based group plans alternative voter guide - Tuscaloosa

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