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Sen Reid will repay his campaign for Christmas gifts

AP reports: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) has been using campaign donations instead of his personal money to pay Christmas bonuses for the support staff at the Ritz-Carlton, where he lives in an upscale condominium.

Federal election law bars candidates from converting political donations for personal use.

Questioned by the Associated Press about the expenditures, Reid's office said yesterday that his lawyers had approved them but he nonetheless was personally reimbursing his campaign for $3,300 in donations he had directed to the staff holiday fund at his residence. ...

Federal law permits campaigns to provide "gifts of nominal value" but bars candidates from using political donations for personal expenses, such as mortgage, rent or utilities for "any part of any personal residence." -- Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/17/2006 | Reid used campaign aid as bonuses for hotel staff

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