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Ohio: county board to hold hearing on Democratic candidate's residency and right to vote

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports [regarding the Democratic candidate for governor]: A Lisbon apartment rented by Democrat Ted Strickland above his district office will be the focus of a Columbiana County hearing on a complaint challenging his voting residency.

The complaint seeking to boot Strickland from the voting rolls might endanger his right to vote in November, but is unlikely to disqualify him for the ballot, according to Ohio election law experts.

A letter sent Tuesday by Monty Lobb, assistant secretary of state, instructed the Columbiana County Board of Elections to hold a hearing on an East Liverpool woman's challenge to Strickland, who lists a Lisbon voting address while owning a Columbus condo where he's paid taxes since 2003. ...

After the county elections board deadlocked, 2-2, along party lines on whether to throw out the complaint filed by Jacquelyn Long, Lobb ruled in favor of a hearing.

The ruling by Lobb, whose boss, Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, is running against Strickland for governor, brought howls of indignation from Team Strickland. -- Hearing to address Strickland's residency

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