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Ohio: groups sue state over new voter registration law

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: A union and a group that helped hundreds of homeless people register to vote say Ohio's new voter-identification law created a confusing mess that will lead to an unfair Nov. 7 election.

The two groups -- the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless in Cleveland and the Columbus-based Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1199 -- on Tuesday asked a federal judge to strike down the rules, in part because county election boards are applying them differently. ...

The lawsuit said the new rules, which require voters to confirm their identity by presenting photo ID cards, utility bills or the last four digits of their Social Security number, "are confusing, vague, and impossible to apply."

Rules regarding how boards should determine whether provisional ballots are eligible to be counted also are too vague, the groups contend.

Some boards - including Cuyahoga and Lucas counties - require voters to provide more than their Social Security numbers if they appear at the board to cast a ballot early rather than mailing in an absentee ballot, the lawsuit said. -- Suit calls Ohio's voter ID law a mess, asks court to void it

Note: The complaint is available on the Moritz Law School site.

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