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California: Secretary of State sends letter counteracting Nguyen's letter

AP reports: The California Secretary of State mailed letters Wednesday to counteract an intimidating flier linked to a Republican congressional candidate's campaign that warned immigrants they could go to jail if they vote.

The bilingual letter, endorsed by several Hispanic civil rights groups, encourages U.S. citizens to vote Nov. 7, informs them of the official state requirements to register and tells them to ignore the "false and misleading" information in the earlier flier.

The letter went out to all 14,000 Hispanic voters who received the flier sent this month. It was linked to the campaign of Tan Nguyen, who running for Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez (news, bio, voting record)'s seat in Orange County. Written in Spanish, it warned: "You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time."

In fact, naturalized U.S. citizens have the right to vote. -- Calif. letter debunks intimidating flier - Yahoo! News


There's a little bit more to the "clarification" letter than described in the article, and you might want to take a look at the PDF file.

If you do, you'll see that the logos of the three far-left groups with which the SoS is "collaborating" are as big as the state seal of CA.

And, at least two of those organizations support illegal immigration.

One of them (MALDEF) is in a new coalition that has three other groups in it that have links to the Mexican government.

One of the other groups (National_Council_of_The_Race) has links to and funds extremists.

Should an official letter really contain a de facto endorsement of such groups?

Also: perhaps this site could do or arrange a legal analysis of the Nguyen_letter, since I haven't seen such a thing from the MSM.

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