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Hacking Democracy (2)

I have a distinctly uneasy feeling about our election structure after watching "Hacking Democracy" on HBO. It's a thrill a minute -- well, maybe every few minutes.

Watch dumpster-diving, video-camera-carrying citizens pull original voting-machine tabulation tapes out of trash sacks. Listen as they tell election officials that the original tapes don't match up with the totals shown on the tapes the officials ran for the citizens.

Watch a Finnish computer scientist modify a program on a Diebold memory card (which Diebold's engineer says contains only data and no executable code) so that it changes the results of an election.

If you want to watch it, there are 17 more opportunities over the next two weeks on various HBO channels. If you have a TiVo or DVR, do a search for the name and record it. It will also be on HBO OnDemand (available on many cable systems) beginning next Monday.

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