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Alabama: most expensive judicial races in the country

The Birmingham News reports: The two candidates for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court spent more than $1 million each over the last 40 days, mostly on a blitz of campaign commercials in the tightly contested race, candidate disclosure reports show.

Four Supreme Court candidates have raised more than $1 million each during the entire campaign, including $4.4 million by Chief Justice Drayton Nabers Jr. and $1.9 million by his opponent, Sue Bell Cobb. ...

The $11.3 million total raised in the five state Supreme Court races - including the Place 1 seat in which Justice Champ Lyons has no opposition - is the most in the nation.

The closest state is Texas, where candidates in five races raised a combined $3.1 million by mid-October, according to Justice at Stake, a Washington group that tracks spending in judicial races.

Alabama's Supreme Court candidates have spent a total of $10.6 million, disclosure reports show.

The nation's most expensive single judicial race is Alabama's chief justice contest. Nabers and Cobb have spent a combined $5.9 million, including $3.7 million since the primary, when only Nabers had opposition. -- Nabers, Cobb blitz costs each $1 million

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