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Blawg Review #82

Here we are a day before the election and you deserve a break from the campaigning. Ha, if you think this will be the lull before the storm, you don't know Votelaw. Nevertheless, let's see what our fellow blawgers have to say about law, life, and politics.

Some election-related stuff

Frank Pasquale at Concurring Opinions on Political Google-Bombing

Denise Howell at Lawgarithms suggests we Contribute to the Election Day Bloggers' Legal Guide

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit asks, WANT PRESS COVERAGE? Apparently, you have to run attack ads to get it... and offers this GOP Pre-mortem

Dan Aibel offers an hour-by-hour guide to election night 2006

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Chatty Jack posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness.

Walter Olson, Ted Frank, Jim Copland, and more presents Election Roundtable! posted at PointOfLaw Forum.

Ian Ayres and Sandy Levinson take a look at some issues relating to the upcoming elections. Ayres describes a "Liberal Manifesto" while Levinson makes some observations about what might happen next Tuesday.

Stephen Albainy-Jenei gives us the Friday Editorial: What Do the Elections Mean to Pharma?

David Giacalone asks, Is Self-Help an Issue in Judicial Elections?

Ilya Somin at Volokh Conspiracy explains Why it's (often) rational to vote.

Markos Moulitsas at DailyKos on the Explosive Army, Air Force, and Navy Times editorial (with more than 430 comments, so far).

And for those of you who don't give a damn about elections:

Nate Oman invokes William of Ockham (of "Ockham's Razor" fame) to describe an approach to understanding the UCC.

Brett Trout presents Top Ten Ways to Make Money with Your Patent posted at Blawg IT-Internet Patent, Trademark and Copyright Issues with Attorney Brett Trout.

Stephanie West Allen on Managing the blessings and burdens of thinking like a lawyer: A couple of tips

David Maister presents How to Pay Professional Employees posted at Passion, People and Principles.

Hanno Kaiser presents Greg Werden on the Ancillary Restraints Doctrine after Dagher posted at Antitrust Review.

Kenneth A. Adams presents One Space or Two? posted at AdamsDrafting. [This is the second item I have seen on this meme this week. Having thousands of forms, sample pleadings, briefs, etc. -- all with two spaces after each period -- collected in my word processing system, I will have a hard time reforming my writing style.]

Ted Frank presents More on Philip Morris v. Williams posted at PointOfLaw Forum.

Walter Olson presents Update: Stifling archaeology, the tribal way posted at Overlawyered.

Walter Olson presents "Citing stress, cop sues man whose life he saved" posted at Overlawyered. [Another example of "no good deed goes unpunished."]

Quizlaw's Seth is appalled by a multi-million dollar award to the estates of two trespassers.

Will Baude picks the big brain of Professor Bainbridge concerning such topics as free speech by corporations, his disdain for the Socratic Method, and why Los Angeles has it all over the East Coast.

Chris Borgen notes a ruling that military commissions are illegal. Unfortunately for any of Blawg Review's readers who may be detained at Guantanamo, the ruling and commissions in question were on Battlestar Galatica.

The Google-YouTube deal made big news, but only now can entrepreneur Mark Cuban tell us what the "intimate details" of the deal are.

Roger Alford and Emily Campbell had magic on their minds this week. Alford noted a paper which discusses the rule of law in Harry Potter's universe; A viewing of The Prestige caused Campbell to wonder whether trade secret law could apply to illusions.

Audra Call didn't work during her years at law school and exhorts 1Ls and 2Ls to learn from her mistake.

Lyle Denniston provided some of the best early coverage of the Phillip Morris case this week and was a one-stop shop when it came to rounding-up the comments of other blawgosphere luminaries.

Russ Krajec offers some valuable insight into how to conduct an inventor's interview during the patent application development process.

Victor Fleischer considered whether tax strategies should be patentable.

Douglas Sorocco offered an example of one patent application gone horribly (but humorously) awry.

Geoff Corn described why, although unlikely, amendment of the Uniform Code of Military Justice to include well-defined war crimes might be well-advised.

Ann Althouse noted the case of a health club patron who was tossed from the club for "grunting" during his workouts.

Justin Patten recommended and elaborated upon an article considering whether legal action could keep blogging "at bay".

Scott Henson noted the tenth exoneration in five years of a Dallas County (Texas)-prosecuted prisoner, this time based on DNA testing evidence produced by The Innocence Project.

The Mommy Blawger presents 'Speaking in Tongues' Result of Different Brain Function posted at Complementary and Alternative Medicine Law Blog.

simonne presents Bankruptcy Lawyer: When to Hire One posted at All Tips and Tricks.

Scott Johnson at the Power Line Blog on Mike Hatch's forgotten scandal.

David Lat at Above the Law writes on the Lawsuit of the Day: A Tale of Two YouTubes

Carolyn Elefant at Legal Blog Watch on Sidley Austin's Going to Trial

Dan Hull at What About Clients? on The 12 Rules of Client Service.

Eugene Volokh at Volokh Conspiracy on The Two Abortion Rights, and Therapeutic Abortions as Medical Self-Defense

Nathan Burke at lawfirmblogging.com on A Little Inspiration.

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