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Alabama: Sen. Means revises campaign finance report after challenge to his election

The New York Times Regional Newspapers reported on 19 November: Democratic state Sen. Larry Means of Attalla has filed amended campaign finance reports following a lawsuit seeking to nullify his Nov. 7 election win over a last-minute write-in candidate.

Itís the second lawsuit seeking to nullify the re-elections of state senators based on alleged noncompliance with Alabama campaign finance disclosure laws. ...

Means originally filed five waivers showing no campaign activity because he didnít have primary or general election opposition.

ďWe did what the Secretary of Stateís Office told us to do [file waivers] so we went ahead and filed," Means said. ďIf [the secretary of state] had told us that, thatís what we would have done." -- Senators test campaign finance laws - Tuscaloosa

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