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Alabama: GOP to add 35 Dem House members to suit

AP reports: A Republican leader said Thursday the GOP plans to add the names of 35 House Democrats to a fast-growing lawsuit that soon could challenge the elections of almost half of the members of the Alabama Legislature.

House Minority Leader Rep. Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, said the lawsuit, originally filed against four Democratic state senators, will be amended to include the 35 House Democrats who he said did not have opposition in the party primary and did not file disclosure forms with the Secretary of State.

The decision to add more Democrats to the lawsuit comes after Democrats intervened in the lawsuit and asked that it include a group of Republicans - four senators, 21 representatives and two appellate court judges - who had no opposition in the Republican primary and didn't file campaign finance reports.

"We had hoped that this dispute could be kept among members of the Senate, but partisan Democrat attorneys have chosen to bring the House into the matter," Hubbard said Thursday.

"In order to protect our Republican House members and the seats to which they were elected, there is no choice but to name these 35 candidates in an action," he said.

Democratic Party Chairman Joe Turnham said adding more Democrats "ups the ante" of the lawsuit. If all are added, the consolidated litigation will involve nine of the 35 members of the Senate and 59 of the 105 members of the House. -- GOP plans to add more Democrats to election challenge

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