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Kentucky: ethics commission finds probable cause Sen. Mongiardo violated campaign finance law

The Frankfort Herald-Leader reports: The state's Legislative Ethics Commission yesterday found enough "probable cause" to hold a hearing to determine whether Democratic state Sen. Daniel Mongiardo violated the law by associating himself with an independent fund-raising committee.

The ethics panel decision came after more than an hour of closed-door testimony by Mongiardo -- who is expected to announce next week that he'll be running for lieutenant governor next year -- and Spencer Noe, general counsel for the Kentucky Republican Party.

The party filed the initial complaint against Mongiardo last summer for his association with DANPAC, which stands for Democratic Activist Network Political Action Committee.

State legislative ethics laws forbid lawmakers from forming "a permanent committee" other than their own election campaign funds. Should the ethics commission find that Mongiardo knowingly violated that law, it could refer the case to the attorney general's office for possible prosecution. -- Lexington Herald-Leader | 12/13/2006 | Panel backs hearing on Mongiardo

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