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A 6-way race for president in 2008?

Political Insider says: Independent candidacies for president have sometimes tipped the balance in numerous elections. In 1912, former Republican Teddy Roosevelt ran on the Bull Moose ticket, throwing the election to Woodrow Wilson (D). In 1992, Ross Perot ran as an Independent and captured nearly 20% of the vote, tipping many states in Bill Clinton's (D) favor. Most recently, Ralph Nader's 2000 candidacy made the difference in enough states to give George W. Bush (R) the presidency. The election of 2008 could soon be added to this list.

In this election, we could be facing as many as six major candidacies for president in the general election, two major party nominees and four big-name independent candidacies. While this prospect is far from a certainty, it remains likely that some of the independents from the following list will indeed throw their hats in the ring. Let's take a look at the possible contenders. -- Political Wire: Election 2008: A Six-Way Race?


This report is sheer imagination and faulty logic. Empirical research (both polls and election data) has already shown that Nader took more votes away from Bush than from Kerry in 2004. As to Congressman Barr, he has already said he won't be running for any public office in 2008. And it's sheer fantasy as to McCain.

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