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Florida: Coulter may have committed a third crime

The Palm Beach Post reports: When it comes to dealing with Palm Beach GOP vixen Ann Coulter who, police now say, could end up facing two felonies and one misdemeanor elections boss Arthur Anderson is starting to look like Don Quixote.

Nearly a year after Coulter allegedly voted in the wrong precinct in a town of Palm Beach municipal election, Anderson is looking desperately for a law enforcement agency willing to investigate.

In November, the gangly Anderson went to the town's police department. But Palm Beach's Finest weren't interested. ...

After Anderson asked the Palm Beach PD for help, the department issued a three-page report last month hinting at troubles ahead for the law-and-order Coulter. According to the report, she could end up charged with: one felony count for signing a voter form claiming she lived at her Realtor's Indian Road home instead of her Seabreeze Avenue homestead; one felony count for "unauthorized possession of a driver's license," also for providing the same wrong address when obtaining her license; and a misdemeanor for knowingly voting in the wrong precinct. -- Vote chief can't find lever to hook Coulter

Hat tip to BradBlog for the link. BradBlog also has copies of several documents in the case.

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