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Alabama: suit over campaign disclosures to include 1/4 of legislature

AP reports: A lawsuit challenging the election of several Democratic state senators could grow to include one-fourth of the Legislature and may not be resolved by the time the new Legislature starts considering proposed laws. ...

Montgomery Circuit Judge Charles Price held a hearing Friday on two lawsuits filed over the 2006 elections. ...

Price directed [attorney Mark] Montiel to file court papers bringing into the suit all legislators who are similarly situated to the four senators.

Montiel said he considers the four unique because they spent large sums to try to defeat three other senators in the Democratic primary, and state law requires candidates to file campaign finance reports when they spend money to influence an election.

Democratic Party attorney Joe Espy said traditionally in Alabama, candidates for public office have not had to file reports during the primary campaign if they had no opposition in the primary election, and the four senators had no primary opposition. -- al.com: NewsFlash - Lawsuit challenging state senators to include more lawmakers

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