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Alabama: sponsor predicts passage of PAC-to-PAC transfer ban this year

AP reports: State Rep. Jeff McLaughlin says he has felt like "Linus in the pumpkin patch" the last six years, watching time and again as his proposed ban on PAC-to-PAC transfers cleared the House with great fanfare only to quietly die in the Senate. ...

Here's how it works: A candidate's campaign finance report filed with the secretary of state's office shows he or she received a large donation from a PAC, usually with a name filled with initials that mean nothing to most voters. A check of the PAC's finance report finds a large donation from another PAC.

McLaughlin said it often takes at least several steps of going from report to report to find the actual source of the contribution. Even then, he said it can be impossible to know for sure because some PACS receive money from various sources. ...

Some legislators believe the recent change in Senate leadership - which lifted Sen. Hinton Mitchem, D-Union Grove, a friend of McLaughlin, to senate president pro tem - could mean easier sailing for the proposal. Also, it was endorsed during last year's campaign by Democrats, Republicans and Gov. Bob Riley. -- AP Wire | 01/20/2007 | Legislators predict 2007 may be year to pass PAC-to-PAC ban

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