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Connecticut: Secretary of State proposes earlier petition deadline

The Stamford Advocate reports: The secretary of the state is proposing a change that would force candidates to petition their way onto the November ballot weeks before a party primary.

The move would allow voters to know upfront that candidates who lose a primary collected enough signatures to be on the ballot on Election Day.

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz said she is making the proposal after U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman collected signatures and formed his own party last summer after it looked likely he could lose the Democratic primary to Greenwich cable entrepreneur Ned Lamont. In the fall election, Lieberman ran as petition candidate and won. ...

Bysiewicz's proposal does not go as far as the "sore-loser" laws, found in more than 40 states, that force candidates to make a choice - either run in a primary or petition their way onto the ballot. ...

Edward Still, an Alabama elections attorney who maintains a Web site and blog called Votelaw, said that if Bysiewicz's new deadline passes, party leaders could establish their own rules preventing primary candidates from running simultaneously as petition candidates.

"That would prevent anybody from having two different choices (and) actually give the change in law some teeth," Still said. -- courant.com | Ballot Controls Proposed For Candidates

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