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Demos issues reports on Election Day Registration and Accessible Voting Systems

Election Day Registration Continues its Winning Streak in 2006
In Voters Win with Election Day Registration, Demos finds that Election Day Registration (EDR) was widely successful in the 2006 midterm election. EDR states continue to boast turnout rates 10 to 12 percentage points higher than states that do not offer EDR. Montana, the most recent state to adopt Election Day Registration, saw 4,000 state residents register and vote with EDR last November.
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New Voting Machines Do Not Accommodate Voters with Disabilities
Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines, once considered essential to ensuring private and independent voting for voters with disabilities, often do not work as promised. Improving Access to Voting: A Report on the Technology for Accessible Voting Systems -- authored by Noel Runyan, an electrical engineer and access technology expert, and published by Demos and Voter Action -- shows that the DREs purchased by states to comply with the Help America Vote Act fail to meet federal standards. The report recommends that election administrators instead adopt blended systems, such as a combination of optical scan ballots, ballot marking devices with appropriate accessibility features, and multilingual paper ballots.
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