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North Carolina: Morgan drops suit on campaign contributions

The Pilot reports: Former state Rep. Richard Morgan has dropped his suit against the State Board of Elections.

The suit had alleged that some of Morgan's political enemies violated state campaign finance laws.

Morgan's attorney, Mi-chael L. Weisel of Ra-leigh, filed the voluntary dismissal Jan. 31 in Wake County Superior Court.

The notice cites a pending decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of the Federal Election Commission vs. Wisconsin Right to Life that addresses issues similar to those raised in Morgan's suit.

Morgan, a former speaker of the state House of Represent-atives, first petitioned the State Board of Elections in April with a complaint against the Republican Legislative Majority (RLM), several political committees, Variety Wholesale Inc. and Variety Stores Inc., alleging that they illegally used corporate contributions in a campaign to defeat him and some of his political allies. -- ThePilot.com : Morgan Drops Suit With State

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