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Alabama: legislators expect PAC-to-PAC transfers ban to pass

AP reports: Speaker Seth Hammett says he expects legislation to ban the transfer of campaign contributions from one political action committee to another to be among the first bills considered by the House after the regular session begins Tuesday.

A ban became a hot issue in the 2006 elections, drawing support from Gov. Bob Riley and both the Democratic and Republican caucuses in the Legislature.

In an Associated Press survey of legislators, 82 percent of House members responding and 78 percent of senators said they favor banning the transfer of campaign contributions between PACs. Ban proponents say the PAC transfers make it difficult for voters to figure out who is giving money to a candidate. ...

The sponsor of the measure since he was first elected to the Legislature seven years ago has been Rep. Jeff McLaughlin, D-Guntersville. McLaughlin is an outspoken advocate for election and constitutional revisions and has refused to take contributions in his election campaigns. -- montgomeryadvertiser.com :: Lawmakers back ban on PAC-to-PAC transfers

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