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Dems start creating Leadership PACs

The Politico reports: Born Fighting. Brave. Giving Willingly, Empowering Nationally. Follow the North Star.

Sound like qualifications for righteousness?

Actually, they’re just a few of the names of fundraising slush funds Democratic members of Congress have established since Election Day to raise big contributions from lobbyists, corporations and interest groups seeking to capitalize on the party’s newfound majority.

At least eight Democratic members – including three freshmen – for the first time registered so-called leadership PACs after their party won the House and Senate Nov. 7, according to non-partisan research group Political Money Line. The Politico also confirmed one PAC created by a Republican in that same span, though many PACs’ ambiguously lofty names and occasionally cloudy stewardship make it tough to tell who’s actually running them.

Still, the apparent imbalance in the creation of new leadership PACs reflects the rise of Democrats on Capitol Hill. It may take them some time to catch up with Republicans, who opened a string of them in the past ten years when they were in power. -- Emboldened by Control, Junior Democrats Launch Leadership PACs - Politico.com

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