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"Undocumented citizens"

I did not pay enough attention to this story in the New York Times this morning, but Rick Hasen's title, "And the Relevance for Voter I.D. Laws and their Potential for Disenfranchisement?" made me think of "undocumented citizens" -- a new term I just made up to cover these folks: A new federal rule intended to keep illegal immigrants from receiving Medicaid has instead shut out tens of thousands of United States citizens who have had difficulty complying with requirements to show birth certificates and other documents proving their citizenship, state officials say.

Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio and Virginia have all reported declines in enrollment and traced them to the new federal requirement, which comes just as state officials around the country are striving to expand coverage through Medicaid and other means.

Under a 2006 federal law, the Deficit Reduction Act, most people who say they are United States citizens and want Medicaid must provide "satisfactory documentary evidence of citizenship" which could include a passport or the combination of a birth certificate and a driver's license. -- Lacking Papers, Citizens Are Cut From Medicaid - New York Times

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